If you want to show a mysterious but elegant look like Mount Tambora. This collection of Equator Loafers leather shoes this time is the right choice to support your appearance and grow your confidence.

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Loafers shoes are a type of shoes that are practical, and simple. With moc-toe and flat heels, loafers are perfect for men who want to look relaxed but still formal.

With goodyear welted construction, which is one of the best types of shoe construction found by Charles Goodyear. This construction ensures the perfect density of insole, sole, welt and upper, thus providing durability, the best quality, and comfort for who wearing these shoes


Patina color is usually produced from the maturity of the skin or from natural changes in skin color. During the process of changing the color naturally and slowly, showing thein unique and identity, as well as its value and prestige. Patina Leather can make you  look beautiful and unique. so, suitable for people who are active and appreciate the beauty and natural material. In addition, patina is a material that is easy to clean and maintain.


Nubuck comes from the word New Buck. Has a soft surface and can create a more solid color display. Even though it looks like suede, Nubuck’s material has gone through a long processing and a careful manufacturing process to create beautiful visuals. In addition, Nubuck material is a relatively strong material, has good quality and is quite waterproof.

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