Journey of Achiever

Ekuator shoes are designed for accompanying you to get your success

True Craftmanship

Ekuator is the shoes for you who value the process and quality

Ekuator Indonesia

Designed for accompanying you to get your success. Ekuator is the shoe for you who value the process and quality.

How We Do It

Top Quality Materials

Ekuator committed offer high quality local materials. The leather does not only look great, but guarantees breathability. The quality of our shoes has been tested in Balai Pengembangan Industri Persepatuan Indonesia.


Timeless Styles

Our design are timeless, with classic design and and contemporary styles that never go out of style. Every shoes dedicated for the classy gentleman that enjoys wearing timeless styles of footwear.

Manufactured Right

All of the collection are made in Indonesia, with local material, professional craftmanship and supreme discipline of shoe manufacturing. we offer Goodyear Welted shoes for who value the process and quality.

Direct to You

We’re a pure Direct-To-Consumer brand. without middlemen, not sell in large quantities at low prices to be retailed by others. Exclusively distributed directly to you, meaning its good saving for you.

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Journey of Achiever

There’s story behind every person’s success. Happiness and sadness. There’s a lot experiences, with struggle, passion and a lot time to get your success. That’s “Journey Of Achiever”.

The Process

Talk about the winner, it’s not all about the result. We are talking about the process that made the man a winner



“Tambora, merupakan gunung yang sangat bersejarah dan memiliki kisah yang panjang. Semoga Ekuator juga dapat menjadi sepatu yang memiliki sejarahnya sendiri. Dapat dikenal dunia sebagai salah satu wakil dari produk Indonesia.“

~ Sandiaga Uno

“One of the best thing of life is when you never have stop learning.”

As achiever, we need to understand the fact that we have to continuously learn to be successful.
If you aren’t actively looking to learn new things, you can’t find the key to get your success.
~ Airlangga Hartanto (Minister Of Industry 2016-2019)

“Hidup adalah bagaimana menjadi bagian dari mahluk yang berguna”

The key to become successful is making yourself as useful as possible to others.
If you can focus on applying this, others will realize the value they get from you and this may affect your ability to succeed.
~ Tjahjo Kumolo (Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform)