Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an account to order?

Yes, you will automatically create an account after checkout process.

Is my personal information going to kept private?

We guarantee to keep all of the information you’ve provided private and safe.

How do I place my order?
  1. Visit our collection’s pages
  2. Choose your favorite footwear
  3. Add to cart ( tab continue shopping if you want to add another item)
  4. Proceed to checkout
What kind of payments do you accept?

We currently accept payments only via bank transfers.

What expedition that you use?

We currently have partnership with several expedition that you can choose in checkout process.

How much for the shipping fee?

For the shipping fee you can check the detail at the checkout page. The shipping fee will be calculated after your shipping details are set.

Shipping errors, what should I do?

If there’s any failure in the shipping, the first step you need to do is contact Our Customer Service, immediately. Easily inform your ID, the product that you’ve received, and also product that you should be received. We will solve this problem immediately.

The shoes I received doesn't fit me well. How to exchange my shoes?

We know that not every shoe fits in your usual size or maybe you have different view (such as color, form, etc) when ordering through our webstore. If you choose wrong shoe color or size that doesn’t fit you, you might be eligible to return it. The return process although very simple, it has pre-requisite that shoes have never been used and are in the same condition as when you got it. So all you need to know and to do are these steps. But remember, exchange product is allowed as long as it is still in good form and has never been used before.

  • Return accepted if you return the product a week after you got it and the product condition never been used and same condition as the first time you got it.
  • You just need to contact our customer service : 008122002051. As easy as confirm your order details (such as your ID and product name) then our Customer Service will help you through the process.
  • After that, the product will be ship again after Ekuator get the shoes back.
  • The shipping payment will be charge to customer.
  • Our Customer Service will process your request by 7 working days.
  • The last, our customer service will send you the new product.

This return policy will be applied if the product that you want to return is still in good condition (never been used, dirty, folded leather, etc.). If we found out that shoes been used, we can not process the return process and we will send it back to you.

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