Shoe Care



First things you need to prepare is your war equipments. Such as:

  • Piece of old cloth
  • Horsehair brush
  • Slightly damp rag
  • Saddle soap

Then how to win this war? Try to follow this steps :

  • Remove the laces, because it’s make easier to clean and condition the boots. Then, wash the laces in soapy water.
  • Brush off dust using a horsehair brush, then clean with damp old cloth or duster.
  • For deep cleansing using damp towel or duster with saddle soap is required. then, wipe the soap from the shoes and Let the shoes air dry for 10 minutes.


To win this war, don’t forget to prepare your equipments:

  • Piece of old cloth (to lay the boots over)
  • Good leather conditioner or balm
  • Small applicator brush
  • 2 dry clean rags

If you’re ready, follow this steps:

  • Give your shoes with a quick rub-down with dry rag to take off the dirt.
  • Apply a leather conditioner to the shoe’s uppers, using horsehair brush.
  • Actually, a neutral conditioner cream can be used on all of leather shoes. But a color matched conditioner cream will help you to cover small scratches on your shoes. Then, try waiting a couple of hours before checking the result.
  • Now pour the conditioner/ balm onto rag, and rub it on the upper’s shoes. You can use as much product as the shoes need.
  • Let shoes dry for 20 minutes. Once your shoes rested for about 12 hours, give them a rub with another dry rag to clean any excess oils or moisture.


Actually, Polishing your leather shoes after conditioning isn’t necessary. But it makes your shoes look shining and smoothness overall.

As another war, you need these equipment to win this war:

  • Old cloth or newspaper ( to lay the boots over)
  • Shoe cream polish or wax-based polish
  • Small applicator brush
  • Soft clean rag
  • Clean horsehair brush

After prepare your equipments this step will help you to win this war:

  • Don’t forget to check that you’ve got polish cream with a color that matches the color’s leather.
  • Apply the cream using applicator brush. Start off with a small amount then add more if needed.
  • Buff using horsehair brush. Then, allow to dry for awhile.

Things you need to always remember is “Never use heat to dry leather shoes”. Always dry your your shoes at room temperature.

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